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yolo county documentors

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This community is a place for documenting life in Yolo County and anywhere else in the greater Sacramento area through photographs and stories. It's a boring purgatory out here in the Central Valley, and we invite you to join in on the monotony.


- Please stick mainly to stories, descriptions and photographs of the Greater Sacramento area. If you're looking to announce events, meet other people and ask questions there are other communities for those purposes: ucdavis, central_valley, etc.
- Pictures outside of LJ-cuts should be less than 450 pixels wide and less than 100kb.
- If your entry has more than two or three pictures, plese use an LJ-cut
- Try your best to list the time and location of the image you post; the more information the better!
- Don't post other people's pictures without their permission
- Spamming the community or repeated abuse of the rules will result in the deletion of your entry or comment, or you being banned